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This is where we’ll write about many of the early childhood development topics you’ve asked us about. We’ll share our views on the benefits of reading, essential developmental skills, separation and how to ease separation anxiety, socialization, and how children collaborate and learn together.

Your Child Has Lost Interest In Reading…Now What?

[For Pre Hoots-Big Hoots (ages 3-10)] If your child has lost interest in reading, it may feel daunting. What happened? And what can you do to reignite their wonder for words? First: take a breath! Going through challenging times is part of the learning process for any child…and adult for that matter. So rather than […]

5 Ways to Raise a Reader

Excited young girl reading a book

In an age of technology, it may seem harder than ever to raise a child who loves to read. That’s why it’s crucial to start the process at a young age. Studies have shown that reading aloud to children in infancy and toddlerhood not only develops a child’s vocabulary but develops early reading skills, leading […]

5 Reasons Avid Readers Excel in School

The Road to Reading - Wise Wonder NYC

Something we have always known to be true is that avid readers make for well-rounded learners. Reading not only advances literacy skills but introduces new ideas, concepts, and worldviews to children. The more we read, the more we know, after all. And this doesn’t just include independent reading in children. A study by the American Academy of Pediatrics revealed […]

5 Ways to Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten

Child reading a story to prepare for kindergarten

The transition from preschool to kindergarten can be scary. In preschool, students are easing into an academic setting for the first time, where learning is play-based and relaxed. It is a wonderful and warm first educational experience – but can sometimes make the shift to kindergarten feel overwhelming. Kindergarten is a time when students learn […]

How to Enhance Your Book Club

In the early days of reading, kids are mostly focused on getting the hang of it and perfecting their skills. But once the foundation is laid, the real fun can begin. Exploring different genres is key when it comes to discovering what types of stories kids find most interesting – and there’s no better way […]

Vocabulary Expansion in Early Learners

Excited young girl reading a book

Vocabulary expansion in young learners is often a first and crucial step in developing reading and writing skills. But it’s not something that happens overnight. By the time our students reach the Early Hoots tier, they have the foundational skills necessary to advance to the next step of learning: handwriting and pre-reading. In addition, we incorporate […]

Story Mapping + Comprehension

Branched by Wise Wonder - Remote Learning

A major component of building strong readers is boosting comprehension skills. There are plenty of ways to assist in this process, and at Wise Wonder Enrichment, we always do our best to make those tactics fun! That’s why a favorite activity amongst our staff and students is story mapping. What is story mapping? Story mapping […]

Book Review: I’ll Meet You in Your Dreams

Summer has officially begun… which also means it’s time for summer reading! Summer is a time to kick back and relax in the sun with family and friends. But we also know that summer reading is a vital part of any student’s routine. That’s why Rally for Reading, our community-wide read-a-thon, is back for a […]

The Benefits of Virtual Learning

Virtual Class

We are officially four months into 2021, and this year has already proven to be a faster – and better – one than the last. 2020 was a year of such change and heartache for so many. For educators, it was also a time to find new ways to instill magic in learning and to […]

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