Using AI in Marketing, you can


The use of artificial intelligence algorithms gives you the understanding of your clients. Collecting and analyzing the correct data, provides precise insights about who your clients are, and that is crucial to offer the best service to them. These data, generated from your clients, contain important information to help your company to develop the best marketing strategies, to show the correct product based on your client’s demand, to retain them in the correct way and, finally, to improve your sales. Besides that, AI and  machine learning enable you to supervise your client’s social medias to understand what they are saying about your brand, or about similar brands. By analyzing the sentiment contained in messages exchanged and the relevant topics discussed, your company can identify strengths and weakness to keep improving. Another possibility is to keep a communication channel with your clients after the purchase; to achieve that, AI algorithms can send to your clients notifications about new items, check their satisfaction with the product/service acquired and help them to find new relevant items. Finally, using the correct AI tools, it is possible to draw the correct content to your website and publications, based on what has worked in the past, boosting your visibility and enriching your audience’s engagement.

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